The Designer
At 27, I have studied and practiced design for eight years. My passion for art began as a child who loved to paint and draw. Over the years, my love for art grew, and eventually turned into an interest in graphic design. With a passion for inspiring and communicating through graphic arts, I am always looking to put my diverse skill set to work and successfully execute all projects beautifully.
My Design Philosophy
Behind every design is an artist. Behind every design is a person or people represented. It could be a school with educators who believe in a better future, a small business with hardworking owners, a large company with great visionaries, or a pastor with a desire to better connect with their audience. Whatever the case may be; colors, layout, typography and images send a message. It is vital that the artist/designer gets to know what that desired message is so they can meet that need, and in doing so, help people in any field or situation reach their goals.
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